Text Message Commerce

Resources to help Online Retailers combat Shopping Cart Abandonment with Text Messaging

Three Pivotal Advantages of Dialogue Commerce

If your company isn’t already focused on conversational marketing then it’s time to start integrating this vital strategy.  There are many flavors of conversational marketing and different outcomes can be achieved depending on the approach taken.  It’s a compelling way to influence buyers through the marketing and sales funnel by engaging in one-to-one conversations.  This form of marketing is..

Exciting Offer from MessageBuy for Early Adopters

MessageBuy is actively recruiting retailers to fill ten exclusive seats in our Alpha program.  We want companies that are eager to use new marketing communication channels with their treasured client base.  MessageBuy’s text message marketing software is a unique way for businesses to offer an additional product to purchase for upsell.  The product proposal is included along with the shipping..