Text Message Commerce

Resources to help Online Retailers combat Shopping Cart Abandonment with Text Messaging

SMS Service – Choosing the Right One for eCommerce

Text Message Marketing is becoming the newest, most effective way to communicate with your customer base. A growing number of consumers ignore marketing emails and phone calls, however, most people check their text messages within minutes of receiving one. In a number of surveys in recent years, consumers have shown that when they have opted-in, they will respond positively to text message..

How Are You Opting Your Customers Into Text Messages?

The world has become highly connected, and it is almost impossible to find a person who does not have a mobile device on them at all times. Chances are, most of those people have the device in hand, and looking at it. The interesting part of this, however, is that the majority do not actually answer the phone when it rings. As many as 68% of people actually prefer text message communication to..

Opt-in for Shipping Notifications is Key

Americans are shopping online at a growing rate every year. With the convenience of eCommerce retailers, consumers can easily order the vast majority of what they need from gifts to groceries with just the click of a button, saving them time and, quite often, money. The rise of online shopping has equated to well over 11 billion packages shipping out each year through USPS, FedEx, and UPS. 

Online Consumers Want More Personal Service

In an age where life moves at a faster pace than ever before, packages can be ordered and delivered in under 24 hours, and information is quite literally at our fingertips, it can seem like consumers are more interested in speed and efficiency than anything else. However, studies are proving that customers are growing more frustrated with computer automated, quick service and looking for more..