Online Consumers Want More Personal Service

In an age where life moves at a faster pace than ever before, packages can be ordered and delivered in under 24 hours, and information is quite literally at our fingertips, it can seem like consumers are more interested in speed and efficiency than anything else. However, studies are proving that customers are growing more frustrated with computer automated, quick service and looking for more personal interactions again so eCommerce personalization is key. 

Before the dawn of the internet, consumers would know their sales professional by name at the department store or the car dealership. They could receive a personalized phone call from the lady at the makeup counter when a sale was happening or when their favorite product was back in stock. They would know the details of the butcher’s life, and how many kids he had.  Increasingly, especially with larger brands, customers are feeling like they are now just a number. Whether they are simply an account number or a number in the long queue for customer service, the average consumer has taken notice that there is nothing personal about their interactions with companies anymore. 

According to SalesForce, 62% of customers are likely to switch brands when they are treated like only a number. The study goes on to say that by 2020, 75% of customers are going to expect companies to anticipate their needs and make relevant suggestions for them. Going further, a recent article by Forbes states that the majority of people now feel it is more important to be treated like an individual, than how quickly a brand resolves their customer service issue. 

For brands who are listening to their customers, the question must be asked, “how do we stay ahead of the curve and provide personalized service while still keeping it fast and effective?”

We recently shared that more consumers, especially the millennial population, are relying on their smartphones for their e-commerce needs in our article Online Shopping Habits of Millennial Buyers. People are far more likely to check text messages than they are an email or a phone call, and with that basic knowledge, retailers have the ability to change the face of the marketplace and to efficiently reach customers on that personal level they crave. By utilizing MessageBuy, a retailer is able to provide personalized text messages to their customers regarding anything from shipping updates to an opportunity to add to their orders, or even reorder an item. 

A recent survey showed consumers are so interested in bringing personalized interactions back that they are willing to provide personal data to achieve the goal. If a retailer is able to provide special notifications on sales that would interest them, personalized recommendations, or even reminders, consumers have no problem providing basic data such as home demographics, sizing information, pets in the household, or frequently used products. 

Consumers are eager for a way to integrate technology into their personal interactions with retailers. Smartphones have made so many aspects of day-to-day life easier, and consumers expect to continue using them in the future for e-commerce. Using text messages as part of eCommerce personalization is a natural progression for retailers and consumers alike, and MessageBuy is ready to lead the charge to help both sides meet in a mutually beneficial middle.