Offer Customers More Value and Boost Marketing Efforts with Text Message Marketing

As the commercial landscape becomes more competitive, one of the significant challenges both small and large businesses grapple with is offering value to customers. As a result, we’ve seen major shifts in marketing, with an emphasis on digital methods. However, with so much noise out there, it’s still a challenge for retailers to blend together value and promotion and deliver promotional content that truly resonates with customers.

However, there are certain methods, such as text message marketing, that yield better results than others if customers are incentivized the right way. Collecting the data is essential, but so is  how you use it afterward to design personalized promotional campaigns. Here’s how to make that happen.

Incentivize users

Marketing tends to be less effective if customers aren’t receiving value from the promotion, that much is certain. But as marketing methods have evolved, new ways are emerging for retailers and marketers to create and deliver more targeted promotional content that users truly need.

For example, retailers can create powerful campaigns using customer phone numbers by using text message marketing and cart recovery…but how should they collect phone numbers? Through designing the right incentives. Shopify found that offering a 20% discount led to hundreds of signups every day, and retailers were able to collect more valuable data overall. You can also offer regular deals, discounts, and other types of content to incentivize users to provide their data. 

Segment users based on data

Once you’ve started collecting customer data, though, effective marketing is what you do with the data moving forward. Using unique methods like automated text message marketing, you can create powerful campaigns that deliver value to customers the way they see it. Segmenting users based on key demographics, behaviors, and pain points is crucial at this point. Consider who your primary customers are and who you would like to target. 

Setting goals based on the segmentation you’ve created helps you ensure that your marketing campaigns are also adding to business growth. How does each segment define value, and what kind of content do they gravitate towards? While you might not be able to answer all the questions based on the data you have, you can use it to get one step closer to designing effective campaigns.

Create personalized marketing campaigns

Once you’ve collected and segmented the data, the next step is to create automated text message campaigns that are personalized to your segments. Consider each segment that you’ve created and what would be the most valuable type of content or promotion for them. 

You can design campaigns and messaging accordingly and automate the process to deliver text message marketing at crucial points in the user journey. For example, you can create exclusive discounts for younger, more cost-conscious customers as a personalized marketing campaign. With tools like  Conversational Cart Recovery™, you can form authentic and personal dialogs with loyal customer segments by offering them exclusive incentives. You can also create more general cart recovery campaigns to capture new users earlier in the journey. 

SMS marketing can offer great value for customers and retailers, but its effectiveness really boils down to how the data is used. Through incentives and segmentation, retailers have an opportunity to create value at every point in the user's journey. In addition, methods like SMS marketing are a way to build a more personal connection with customers while still delivering promotional content in a more targeted fashion. 

If you’re ready to learn more about what SMS marketing helps your business accomplish, get in touch today! You can get started with MessageBuy for free and start reaching more customers and grow your business.