Is SMS Marketing Trustworthy? The Answer is Yes!

We’ve written a lot in the past about how beneficial text message marketing is for businesses and the positive impact we’ve seen when businesses start to adopt this form of marketing. But one of the challenges that might come up with SMS marketing is getting customers to trust this form of marketing and making it a serious part of your business. 

There are also many discussions around how to get SMS marketing up and running for smaller businesses and the necessary steps that retailers must undertake. Like other types of marketing, regulations do play a role in how businesses can contact customers.

Luckily, we’re here to help. Let’s walk through how to build trust with customers using SMS marketing and how that ultimately benefits your business.

How does text message marketing work?

One of the big questions that come up is how text message marketing works for retailers trying to reach customers. The process is fairly straightforward; first businesses ask customers to provide their phone numbers. Then, if customers choose to opt-in, with the understanding that they will receive marketing messages by doing so, businesses can start to send them promotional SMS messages.

Many retailers are still unsure whether text message marketing can work, especially with so many rules and regulations around consumer privacy data. Text-based marketing is legal as long as users have consented to receive promotional materials via text. 

Platforms like MessageBuy are Telephone Consumer Protection Act-compliant. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) regulates text message marketing platforms to ensure that customers are not being inundated with marketing messages they did not sign up for. Violations can prove to be costly since fines can be levied, so getting consent from customers is crucial for successful SMS marketing.

Does SMS marketing establish trust with customers?

Because of the opt-in nature of the marketing channel, SMS marketing is a great way to reach customers on a more personal level while building trust. The reason SMS marketing is effective is due to the fact that customers sign up to receive these updates from businesses, and it makes them more engaged from the get-go. 

Using text message marketing, businesses can start to connect to customers and create segmented communication based on the data being collected. This enables businesses to create text message marketing campaigns that resonate with audiences while helping the business. SMS marketing is especially effective for abandoned cart recovery and is one of the best marketing channels to encourage buyers to complete their purchases.

Using SMS marketing, retailers are in the best possible position to grow their business - as long as proper steps are taken in the beginning. Creating a robust sign-up process that ensures opt-in consent for text message marketing is crucial, as is creating campaigns that truly resonate with customers.

If you’d like to learn more about text message marketing, check out our guide here - or get in touch today! We’d be happy to chat and walk you through MessageBuy and how it can help grow your business and drive sales.