Effective SMS Marketing for Hard-to-Reach Demographics

We’ve seen technology evolve at a breakneck speed. We’re constantly connected, and our phones have become a mainstay in our lives. With more users spending time on mobile rather than desktop, it’s become abundantly clear that consumer behavior is shifting. So how do you reach demographics effectively when trying to market to them? And how can you ensure that what you’re doing is actually getting you results?

For this article, we’ll look at some shifts in consumer behavior to mobile and what that means for digital marketing moving forward. 

How consumer behavior has shifted to mobile

With the rise of platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, there is no doubt that social media has changed consumer behavior. Shoppers are used to algorithms dictating what they see and when they see it, and their mobile devices play a huge role in this. Research shows that most users interact with brands through mobile, and that’s also where they expect to see brands. Desktop is still a channel but a less important one for access. With so much on our phones, it stands to reason that customers aren’t all that interested in accessing brands from a computer. 

Businesses looking to get ahead are now developing more robust mobile marketing plans to reach customers where they are. Addressing this change in consumer behavior is about having a nuanced approach to digital marketing and seeking out the right channels. 

Capturing customer attention with text message marketing

One of the offshoots of the tech evolution is that there is a lot of noise. Shoppers are now inundated with messages and ads, and it’s become increasingly hard to separate the good from the bad. Brands need to stand out without being annoying and build a personal connection. It’s not always easy, especially when social media algorithms are mysterious. Brands are spending lots of money on platforms but not seeing results. 

Similarly, email marketing has been a hit-or-miss too for brands. While it started out as an excellent channel for targeted communication, that too has become oversaturated. With so many emails to sort through, customers aren’t engaging with the channel the way they used to.

As customers spend more time on their phones, marketers have been trying to figure out ways to reach demographics - notably harder ones like millennials and Gen Z. But the truth is, effectively marketing to these demographics is about building a connection and establishing trust. Unfortunately, social media doesn’t have lasting permanence to establish either of those things. 

Each post is gone with a scroll, making it hard to connect. Email marketing is too impersonal, and there really isn’t any assurance that you’re going to be able to use it to build a loyal customer base. 

But that’s precisely where SMS marketing comes in and why it’s so effective. With so many more people spending time on their phones, it makes sense to go where they are. Text messaging is such a ubiquitous part of our lives anyway, so why not use that as a marketing channel? 

There are some caveats with text message marketing. The goal isn’t to pressure customers or create more ads but rather to give them value and reach out to them more personally. Building simple, direct campaigns that offer some kind of incentive or work as a reminder for cart items is the best way to capture harder-to-reach demographics. 

If you’re looking for effective new ways to reach customers, text message marketing is right for you. Learn more with our text message marketing guide or get in touch today! We’d be happy to chat and walk you through MessageBuy and its ability to drive sales across different demographics.