Mobile Trends Marketers Should Know

In the month of June, kids are getting out of school, summer trips are in full swing, sun tans are taking hold and in general there is a tangible excitement about the long warm days ahead of us.  It also means for folks in the online marketing world that Mary Meeker’s 2019 Internet Trends Report has been released to the public for consumption.  The report is massive and chock full of interesting data and information so when there is time in your schedule it’s well worth the read.  In this piece we want to hone in and highlight some of the interesting data points associated with the mobile side of things.

Mobile has now approached the marketers’ ad spend and the consumers’ time usage at basically the same level as television.  In 2018 34% of marketers’ ad spend and 34% of consumers’ time were attributed to TV with mobile just an eyelash behind at 33% of marketers’ ad spend and 33% of consumers’ time.  This is a massive change from just a decade ago in 2010 when mobile media received just a half of percent of ad spend and 8% of consumers’ time. Desktop continues to wane coming in at 18% in consumers’ time usage and 18% of ad spend.  Maybe the most eye opening metric is the average daily hours spent with mobile media per adult user is getting close to an astonishing four hours each day. This type of accelerated growth and time commitment should not be overlooked and it accentuates how important the mobile space is for marketing purposes and will continue to be going forward.

Mary Meeker’s internet trends reports are a mainstay of the online community and a vital resource for marketing efforts.  She started the annual series of reports with a colleague from Morgan Stanley way back in 1995. The depth and detail in the annual report has definitely grown over the last two plus decades and based on trends that should continue as well.  Thank you Mary and team for the significant amount of time and effort that was put forth with the 2019 report.