Some Sample Text Messages to Customers

In today’s increasingly digital market, communication seems to go at a lightning pace.  Customers no longer have time for lengthy calls to resolve a service issue, or revise an order.  More and more, people are choosing text messages as their preferred method of communication because it is fast, convenient, and effective.  Your company must be prepared to meet your customer’s needs with some great text message strategies. 

Text messaging can be used for anything from order tracking to customer service. With each, the end goal is to send a short, simple message that will get the attention of your customer and get them to engage with you, either within the text itself or by clicking a link to perform an action. Here are some sample text messages to customers that work to enhance your customer’s experience and your bottom line.

Order Confirmation and Shipping

It may sound simple enough, but receiving a confirmation of your order being received and shipped is a big deal to most customers. Most often these are sent via email, however, text messages can be very useful for this as well, since, as we know, email can get lost in the shuffle sometimes.

“Hello John, your order has been received. Confirmation #5438973 will ship in 2-3 days.  Please reply here if you need to make changes.”

“John, Order #5438973 is prepping for shipment. Many customers have added Ace Dog Treats to similar orders and they are on sale this week for $5.99. Text yes to have them added to your order now.”

“Great news! Your order is on the way! Check your email for a tracking number. Would you like to set up auto deliveries for these products in the future? Reply yes to set that up whenever you’re ready!”

The reply option allows the customer to reach someone in your service or sales department quickly and easily when they need to add to their order. Since the information is in their text messages, they won’t have to go back and shift through thousands of emails to find the communication from your company about auto-deliveries when they’re ready to set it up. They can just reply to the last communication and be on their way. 

Loyalty and Rewards

Everyone loves to be rewarded for their loyalty to a brand. Whether it’s with exclusive savings, or a loyalty points program, people will be hard-pressed to pass up a reward they’ve earned for frequent visits. Build excitement and increase business among your customer base with these sample text messages to customers for loyalty and rewards. 

“Congratulations, Mary! You’ve earned exclusive savings!  To thank you for your loyalty, use coupon code Mary25 to save 25% on one regularly priced item by Friday. Thank you for being one of our best customers!”

“Did you say FREE? Mary, stop in this weekend to TexMex Diner for FREE chips & queso with your meal order! Just show this text to your server. We can’t wait to see you!”

“Thank you, Mary, for ordering 10 grocery deliveries with Your Grocery Shopper. Your next delivery is on us! Use coupon code ELEVEN at check out for free delivery.”

“Happy Birthday Mary!!! We want to celebrate YOU all month! Please come into Grocery Surplus and show this text or use coupon code MyBirthday10 for 10% off your next purchase.” 

Customer Service and Feedback

Customer retention can be made or broken in the experience they have with ordering. In today’s digital world, it is no longer good enough just to have fast shipping after the customer clicks on “submit.” We still need to find new ways to engage and impress them with our service.  You can do that with a simple text message. 

“Jane, can you take a moment to tell us how we did on your last order? Please reply with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the best, how likely are you to order from us again in the future?”

“Hi Jane, how did you like your Acme Dog Leash, Small, Pink with Bling?  Would you mind rating the product here: <LINK>?”

“Hi Jane, it has been 4 weeks since Fluffy was groomed at Main Street Pet Groomer. Would you like to schedule her next appointment now? Text yes or no.”

“We are so sorry you were not blown away by our service at Main Street Pet Groomer on your visit yesterday. We would like to make that up to you! Please provide us with one way we can improve on your next visit and we will take 15% off your next grooming appointment.”

By showing you care, even after a rough experience, you always have a shot at keeping your customer’s business by maintaining an open line of communication. 

Bonus Tips

When texting your clients, always keep it short and simple.  Customers do not want to have to scroll through multiple pages to get to the point of your message.  Stick to just a few attention-grabbing sentences. 

Keep emojis to a minimum.  If your brand is light and fun, feel free to add a few but remember, the more you add the less professional you seem. 

Keep the tone warm and friendly.  You want to sound like someone they want to continue doing business with!

Did you like these sample text messages to customers? They’re a great place to get started, but if you want to take it to the next level, customize them to your unique personality and what your company provides.  Think of them as small ways to leave lasting good impressions.