Exciting Offer from MessageBuy for Early Adopters

Text message marketing software

MessageBuy is actively recruiting retailers to fill ten exclusive seats in our Alpha program.  We want companies that are eager to use new marketing communication channels with their treasured client base.  MessageBuy’s text message marketing software is a unique way for businesses to offer an additional product to purchase for upsell.  The product proposal is included along with the shipping notification details via text message to keep things simple and informative.  The additional purchase is able to take place right within the ongoing text communication string by typing BUY.  This experience feels like a normal conversation with a friend so it’s comfortable and can potentially increase your sales.     

If this sounds interesting then wait until you hear what MessageBuy is willing to offer our ten Alpha users.  We will extend stock options to these customers along with inviting them to our trusted Product Advisory Board.  The Product Advisory Board (PAB) will be instrumental in dispersing constructive feedback back to MessageBuy.  The members will help highlight areas of opportunity to improve the text message marketing software related features and functionality.  MessageBuy is excited to bring this solution to market in order to help companies drive additional revenue through promotional text messaging.  Don’t hesitate to contact us at info@messagebuy.co to learn more about how we can help build relationships and increase your bottom line.