Three Pivotal Advantages of Dialogue Commerce

If your company isn’t already focused on conversational marketing then it’s time to start integrating this vital strategy.  There are many flavors of conversational marketing and different outcomes can be achieved depending on the approach taken.  It’s a compelling way to influence buyers through the marketing and sales funnel by engaging in one-to-one conversations.  This form of marketing is compelling because it establishes relationships and forges real interactions with shoppers. Dialogue commerce (dCommerce) is a crucial component of conversational marketing platform and it’s what MessageBuy does best!  Below are three pivotal advantages of dialogue commerce based on our experience.

  1. Dialogue commerce are text messages sent to a buyer who has already shown trust by making a purchase from you.  Text messaging is an accepted means of communication the majority of consumers leverage when interacting with other individuals.
  2. Starting the marketing conversation with a text message to the buyer providing a shipping update is an easy approach to demonstrate your company is concentrated on keeping them informed.  During this communication present the buyer with an impulse upsell opportunity that they can purchase by text with ease. It could peak their interest and increase the AOV.
  3. The additional purchase is made through the text messaging conversation and the orders are consolidated for shipping purchases and a final update with the details is sent within the existing conversational string.

Personalizing and taking direct control of your relationship with shoppers is essential.  Our conversational marketing platform solution was built with this exact premise in mind.  While at the same time aiming to drive additional revenue for your company.  Don’t hesitate to contact us at to learn more about how we drive dialogue commerce.