Top 10 Text Messages that Sell

In today’s world, the text message seems to be the reigning King of Communication. Text messages that sell could be a diamond in the rough for your business.  Email marketing and even phone calls have become mostly unwanted spam, and sometimes even scams. Most people open only 3% of their emails and if someone doesn’t recognize a phone number, you can typically forget about them answering that call. Even if they recognize the number as a trusted place where they do business, if they’re in the office or on the go, odds are they simply don’t have the time for a sales call. Who does?

The communication frontier has changed so much that over 70% of Millennials and Gen Z’ers prefer text message communication to email or phone calls, and their boomer counterparts are also starting to catch on!  This new trend is leaving many retailers at a loss for how to effectively market their products. The beauty of email marketing was that you could send links to all of your new items, details of features and benefits, prices, and more! The amount of information and possibilities that you could send through email were, almost, endless. 

The appeal of text messages are that they’re short and to the point. They don’t waste the time of the recipient. Moreover, with the legal rules in place, text messages are also coming from a sender the recipient wants to hear from and has given permission to text them.  So, how does a retailer effectively market using text messages that sell?

Retailers must use targeted messages that are designed to sell.  We have rounded up a few of our favorites for you that you can implement into your marketing strategy today!

Special Pricing or Incentive Texts

Everyone loves a deal, especially when one is timely for a shopping season. Most consumers will wait during the holidays for those major items to go on sale or have a special offer code. 

“Special offer for our loyalty customers only! Use your PERSONAL code JOE1234 at check-out for 20% off your purchase through Saturday!”

“Flash sale on Facebook Live tonight at 8:00 pm sharp! Don’t miss out!”

These can also be interactive to make text messages that sell even more fun! Ask your customers to reply with an emoji for a free offer code!

“We have something special for you, Jane! Reply with the emoji that corresponds with your answer for a surprise!
😀 Free nail polish with any $20 purchase

💗 15% off any regularly priced item

👍 Free upgrade to priority, 3-day shipping on all orders $75 or more”

“Sue, we noticed you left items in your cart! Don’t forget our Spring Sale is over tonight at midnight! Don’t miss out!”

Opportunity to Upsell

One of the most important factors in a retailer’s bottom line is upselling. If most of your customers only purchase the bottom line, basic model of something from you, your overall sales are likely to look quite low. Upgrading from an older to a newer model of anything with more features, or adding features to something you currently own is one of the most common practices of the American consumer. Retailers who keep good records of their customers and transactions can use text messages to their advantage in these situations. 

“Hey, Bob! We hope you have liked that ABC Brand Vacuum you purchased last year.  Did you know a new one has just been released with a special pet hair feature?!?!? Upgrade from your old model and save 15% today. Visit for more details.”

“How do you like your new XYZ Brand Pressure Cooker, Kate? Did you know you we have add-ons available for your eggs or even for baking cakes & cupcakes??? Turn your XYZ Pressure Cooker into your favorite everyday kitchen accessory today! Text YES to learn about more options.”

“Alex, your order number 526792532 is preparing to ship. You can still upgrade that showerhead from 5 settings to 8 for only $10 more.  Text YES in the next 30 minutes for us to update your order.”

“Sarah, your trip to Cancun is in 60 days and a Jr Suite with an ocean view just opened up! It would be amazing to wake up every day to the sounds of the ocean, wouldn’t it?  Upgrade today for just $75/night. Text OCEAN now and we will get you set up. Hurry, this is a limited-time opportunity!”

Don’t Sell Anything at All

Yes, I know, we’re talking about text messages that sell but did you know that one of the best ways to retain customers for future sales is to simply help them solve a problem without selling them on anything? While most of your sales text messages should contain a great call to action, sometimes less is more! Offering amazing, personalized service and connections to your customer base will ensure a long-term rate of return that will outmatch any promo code or sale you could offer. 

“Hey George, thanks for speaking with me yesterday! I thought some more about your question regarding where to get more information on how to make your company more green friendly and I thought you might enjoy this great podcast. You can check them out at  Let me know what you think!”

“Mary, I saw on LinkedIn you were promoted! Congrats!”

We can almost guarantee that most retailers are not taking this extra step, so if Mary is considering 5 different companies for her business solutions needs and you’re the only one who went out of their way to congratulate her on a promotion, she is going to remember that when it is time to make a decision. 

Your text messaging marketing campaign must have a targeted goal in mind and must add value to your customers. Text messages cannot be seen as spam by your customer base or they will immediately lose their effectiveness, however a well-crafted text message that sells will convert more customers time and again!