How SMS Marketing Increases Sales

As e-commerce competition increases, how can businesses drive sales? That’s an elusive question that is still a mystery for many...but with the right tools, that doesn’t have to be the case. The question around how to increase sales can become a little less mysterious and a lot easier with careful marketing strategies.

The best way to do that? Use a marketing tool that you know will reach customers directly and is the most likely method to help convince them to finish their purchases. That’s where SMS marketing comes in, and it has the potential to drive a serious uptick in sales. 

According to MobileMonkey, consumers who get SMS marketing messages are 40% more likely to convert than those who don’t. That’s why for this article, we’ll be looking at how to use SMS marketing to increase sales.

Make it exclusive 

One of the most effective ways to use SMS marketing is to create exclusive offers and discounts for customers that opt-in. By doing so, you can create a more authentic connection with customers while still giving them an incentive to join your mobile marketing list. Any communication you send around these offers and discounts should make it clear that this is only available as an SMS offer to really reinforce exclusivity for customers.

Exclusive offers and discounts also help you pinpoint why cart abandonment rates are high and provide a way to push those sales over the line. Customers are more likely to go for something they feel is limited to them, and it encourages them to finish their purchase faster.

Segmented value is key

Even if you choose not to go for exclusivity, offering some kind of value is incredibly important for driving sales. Customers want to feel special and that there is a benefit from joining your mobile marketing list. Offering them value through promotions, one-time discount codes, and free shipping is a great start, but segmenting is even better. 

As you continue to use SMS marketing, you can better understand why customers are abandoning carts and what the barriers are for why they do not finish purchases. The more you’re able to glean this information, the more targeted promotions you can create. For example, if you know that there is a certain demographic that is less likely to complete purchases due to high shipping costs, you can offer them periodic free shipping offers to incentivize them to finish the sale. Similarly, if you know that other demographics are waiting for certain promotions to come around, you can use SMS marketing to let them know when sales are going on. 

Make it personal

Having a few different types of marketing strategies helps ensure that you capture as many customers as possible. To build on this, tailoring your messaging and communication to be as personal as possible can also help with increasing sales. 

Through exclusive offers and using personal touches in communications such as their first name, you can build an authentic connection right from the start.  We’ve written about the connection between personalization and SMS marketing before and how automation can help. However, SMS marketing is more unique in that respect because it can build that personal connection faster.

SMS marketing is one of the best tools at your disposal to drive up conversion rates and create a more loyal customer base. Ready to see a serious increase in sales? Start using SMS marketing today, and see the difference in conversion rates. In addition, tools like MessageBuy can help you reach customers more authentically and help decrease cart abandonment rates. To see t how MessageBuy helps e-commerce businesses get started for free!