How SMS marketing can transform your business

As e-commerce becomes increasingly competitive, it’s crucial to find unique ways to stand out. Unfortunately, although social media marketing has taken the world by storm, it doesn’t quite have the impact that it should when it comes to capturing customer attention. 

One of the most effective marketing methods for getting customers to pay attention to your brand is using SMS. In this article, we’ll walk you through some of the key benefits of promotional SMS and how to use the tool to your advantage.


One of the biggest advantages of promotional SMS marketing is that it gives you the opportunity to personalize. So much of the current digital marketing methods in use tend to fail because they don’t feel personal to the customer. 

It’s easy to write off a generic ad or scroll through a promoted post. But a personalized text that comes straight through the phone? It’s difficult to ignore that, and it feels less sales-y in a way, which tends to attract more customers. You can definitely create a lasting impression and build a more authentic connection with customers using SMS marketing, which is one of the reasons why it has become such a popular choice.

Hold customer attention 

Building off the last point, another benefit of promotional SMS is that it holds customer attention. Email marketing and social media marketing tend to be easily ignored, especially when there is so much competition for attention. It’s easy to leave the email unopened, but a promotional text tends not just to grab attention but capture it too.

For a moment, you have a rapt audience that is interested in what you’re saying and curious to learn more. That’s hard to come by with other marketing methods, which is why so many e-commerce businesses are gravitating towards promotional SMS marketing. We know that customers tend to have a short attention span, and using tools like SMS marketing can be beneficial in getting customers to pay more attention to your brand.

Increase customer engagement

If you’ve noticed many abandoned carts or general user behavior where it doesn’t seem like they stay on your website for long, you are having engagement issues. Having customers interact with your website for a while and following through with their cart purchases are crucial for boosting your business and its revenue. But if you consistently see lowered engagement, it’s time to think outside of the box to get customers back.

Another benefit of promotional SMS marketing is that you can create fun and engaging campaigns to hook user attention. In addition, you can create incentives, such as offering a discount via text message or creating specific promotional offers and sales for text message users. It’s a fun way to bring customers back into the fold with your business and help lower rates of cart abandonment.

Ultimately, the benefits of SMS marketing are in how you use the tool. You can go all out and create fun, engaging campaigns that really get customers to pay attention to you - and gives you an opportunity to wow them. It’s important to think about your customer’s pain points and how SMS marketing can help alleviate those issues and bring more customers back to your business. 

SMS marketing can be particularly beneficial for lowering cart abandonment and customer retention if used correctly. We have also put together a more detailed resource on how conversational text messaging can help with cart abandonment recovery, which you can read here.

If you’re looking for ways to engage with customers and create a more authentic connection, SMS or text message marketing can provide major benefits! To learn more about the power of SMS marketing and how tools like MessageBuy can help your e-commerce business, please get in touch today!