Why SMS text messaging has higher engagement rates

In recent years, there has been a lot of discussion around what the best forms of marketing are in the digital age. While there is a lot of debate around the methods themselves, one thing has always been clear: The best way to measure effectiveness is to measure engagement. That’s the true metric of success across the many methods of marketing. The more people engage with your marketing, the better it is and the more uplift you are likely to see - especially when it comes to sales and revenue.

One of the best ways to accomplish high engagement rates? SMS marketing. Read on to find out why!

Better open rates 

First things first, let’s look at the effectiveness of SMS marketing from a practical side. Research shows that SMS open rates are as high as 98%, compared to just 20% of all emails. From a purely functional perspective, SMS marketing is already miles ahead of other methods just from that metric alone. Open rates are an integral part of digital marketing methods. 

After all, the more people open a message, the more likely they are to see its contents and decide to purchase. It’s a fast way to get your message across, and it does work! 

With SMS marketing, it’s such a different way to market that it immediately captures attention. And because campaigns are naturally a little shorter, they are more effective and impact buyer behavior - the mark of a truly successful marketing strategy.  

More personal 

The other reason why SMS marketing is so much better for engagement is that it’s far more personal. As previously stated, it captures attention. SMS click-through rates can even reach 45%, which is a pretty high number when you think about it - especially when compared against other methods such as email marketing. 

One of the reasons this form of marketing has such high click-through rates compared to other methods is because SMS messages establish a more personal connection. 

Text message marketing doesn’t feel like a dry email campaign but something designed specifically for the customer. When combined with more personal touch such as adding names, or a personalized message to the customer, it can feel that much more authentic and encourage them to finish their purchase.

Direct connection

Establishing a direct connection is absolutely key for any type of digital marketing to be successful. SMS marketing is the fastest way to do that, making it the best option if you’re looking to see quick, impactful results on your marketing. For example, it takes someone 90 seconds on average to respond to a text versus 90 minutes to answer an email. 

Why is that?

It’s because text messages are an opportunity for a direct, personal conversation. There are no bells or whistles to get their attention, just an easy conversation that doesn’t feel aggressive or promotional. With text message marketing, you’re establishing a one-on-one, direct connection every time, and that can have a positive impact on your brand and your sales.

A successful text message marketing campaign can generate a lot of awareness and sales for your business, and it is a method that gets consistently high engagement rates. As more customers become disillusioned with impersonal and mass marketing campaigns, SMS messaging gives your business a chance to cut through the noise and create truly impactful campaigns that customers will love and feel connected to.

 To learn more about how SMS messaging can transform your business through high engagement rates, get in touch today!